The Chain of Unhappiness

We founded Warrior Dignity, Inc. based upon direct observations of how the financial crisis affected Wounded Warriors and Service Disabled Veterans and their families.
These two observations are:
1. A small and simple financial hardship can SNOWBALL all out of proportion for our servicemembers and their families – while they are sacrificing in our service.
2. The IMPACT of a financial hardship can be enormously greater for servicemembers and veterans.

How? Let us explain the Chain of Unhappiness. And how we help.

  • A payment is missed due to a combat deployment or other service stressors
  • The amount due snowballs with interest and penalties and misunderstandings and STRESS
  • The Warrior’s credit is damage and stress increases
  • The Warrior’s security clearance is lost and stress increases
  • The Warrior’s job (that requires a security clearance) is lost and stress increases
  • The Warrior’s home is lost and stress increases
  • The Warrior’s spouse and family are lost and stress increases
  • The Warrior is lost to end the stress

Of course, not all steps are present in all cases – and many causes can begin the chain – and many Warriors manage to escape the chain. Especially Warriors with resources and assistance may escape the crisis.  Warrior Dignity offers resources to End the Chain of Unhappiness.

How is this really different for civilians? First, Warriors may not be able to avoid have the small hardship to begin with and if they don’t, they can’t often nip it in the bud, and failing that, their livelihood is likely to depend so completely upon their credit score and security clearance, and finally they are likely to have the many burdens and stresses that come sacrificing to a nation that has spent a dozen plus years in combat.

Bottom line: For Warriors the Chain begin (often due to service sacrifices and stresses) and once the Chain is in motion, it is very difficult for the Warrior to break free without resources and assistance. Warrior Dignity helps to End the Chain of Unhappiness and allow our Warriors, who have sacrificed so much for us, to re-establish themselves as a contributing member or our society.