We founded Warrior Dignity, Inc. based two direct observations of how the financial crisis affected Wounded Warriors and Service Disabled Veterans and their families.

These two observations are:
1. A small and simple financial hardship can SNOWBALL all out of proportion for our servicemembers and their families – while they are sacrificing in our service.
2. The IMPACT of a financial hardship can be enormously greater for servicemembers and veterans. We call this the Chain of Unhappiness.

Additionally, our warriors may have many stresses connected to their service and sacrifice. And many of these stresses may require treatment and resources of a long period of time. With your help, our warriors’ financial hardships, addressed holistically, can be solved quickly and efficiently and fairly and completely – relieving great stress.

Our mission is to offer holistic solutions focused on Service-Connected Financial Hardship ™ (SCFH) for Wounded Warriors, Service-Disabled Veterans, (WW/SDV) and their families.  We do this by leveraging their Sacrifice Equity ™ to  stabilize their financial position.  In this way we End the Chain of Unhappiness and reduce stress and depression which may lead to a continuing downward spiral & suicide.  Warrior Dignity restores the Dignity of our Warriors and creates a win-win for all.

Let us explain the Chain of Unhappiness And how we help.

WarriorDignity.Org is a 501c3 charity founded to help wounded warriors, service-disabled veterans, and their families overcome the chain of unhappiness resulting from Service-Connected Financial Hardships.